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Laboratory News

Concentrating on a good start, taking advantage of the momentum and starting again - Wuzhen Laboratory held the 2021 year-end summary meeting

Editor:乌镇实验室 │ Release Time:2022-01-21 

On January 21, the 2021 year-end summary meeting of the Wuzhen Laboratory was successfully held. Zhou Ji, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of the School of Materials, Tsinghua University, Director of the Wuzhen Laboratory, Shen Yang, Deputy Dean of the School of Materials, Tsinghua University, Sun Yan, Director of the Institution and Base Department of the Science and Technology Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Director of the Domestic Cooperation Department of the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Zhejiang Tsinghua University Bu Jingwei, Deputy Mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People's Government He Shanshan and other leading guests attended the conference.

At the meeting, Wang Ke, the executive deputy director of the Wuzhen Laboratory, reported the construction of the laboratory in 2021, reviewed and summarized the key work in 11 aspects such as laboratory platform infrastructure, mechanism improvement, strategic planning and deployment, and arranged arrangements at the same time. The main points of the laboratory's work in 2022.

The heads of the various departments (centers) of the laboratory, in a full state of mind, comprehensively summarize the key highlights of the work in 2021, make in-depth analysis and put forward suggestions for improvement, and plan for 2022 through various forms such as giving examples, posting data, highlighting measures, and discussing ideas. work goals.

Afterwards, the leaders of the three parties of the joint construction delivered warm speeches.

Shen Yang pointed out that in 2021, the Wuzhen Laboratory has achieved a leap-forward development from zero to one, which cannot be separated from the strong support of leaders at all levels and the hard work of all employees of the Wuzhen Laboratory. 2022 is a crucial year for the development of the Wuzhen Laboratory, full of opportunities and challenges. Next, the laboratory must rapidly improve its energy level, find its position, accelerate the implementation of the industry, attract high-end talents, and achieve better results. many breakthroughs.

Bu Jingwei congratulated the Wuzhen Laboratory for many achievements in 2021. He said that in the advancement of the "Deep Roots Plan" in 2021, the Wuzhen Laboratory has made great contributions. In the future, the Tsinghua University Third Institute will continue to provide further improvements in talent, funding, project application, and the introduction of Tsinghua alumni resources. With more support, it is hoped that the laboratory will take on more responsibilities in the construction of the national innovation center in the future, and make more useful explorations in institutional and mechanism innovation.

He Shanhan emphasized that the rapid development and achievements of the Wuzhen Laboratory in 2021 are encouraging. 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also a critical year for implementing the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan and building a powerful modern socialist country in an all-round way. As a representative of Tongxiang school-land cooperation and an important scientific research position for Tongxiang industry-university-research cooperation, Wuzhen Laboratory has always been placed high hopes, hoping to obtain more, better and faster results in terms of platform level, talent gathering and achievement transformation in the next step. , to build it into a highland of science and technology innovation, talent highland and industry-university-research highland as soon as possible, and contribute to the construction of Tongxiang's internationalized global innovation city and the construction of the national innovation system.

In the end, Zhou Ji expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders of the three parties and all the staff of the laboratory. He pointed out that in 2021, the Wuzhen Laboratory "turned out" and produced a dazzling transcript in less than a year. In the future, he will also respond to well-known laboratories such as Biao Bell Laboratory and achieve "although it cannot be reached, Yearning for it", establish a clear application goal, form a unique feature, on the basis of maintaining the mission and vision, develop scientific research teams and introduce scientific and technological innovation projects in a problem-oriented manner, while maintaining a stable mentality, not rushing for success, and gradually forming With its own unique culture and down-to-earth steps in the future, I believe that the Wuzhen Laboratory will achieve more dazzling results in 2022.

The meeting also commended the outstanding employees of the Wuzhen Laboratory in 2021.