Public Test Platform

Public Test Platform

Analysis & Service Platform for New Materials

Editor:乌镇实验室 │ Release Time:2021-12-06 

Analysis & Service Platform for New Materials mainly focuses on the layout of key disciplines ofWuzhen Laboratory, related to the industrial development direction of Tongxiang City, coordination of the allocation of public resources, and interdisciplinary integration, forming a regional instrument sharing platform integrating scientific research, teaching, testing and services. The platform will adhere to the scientific research spirit of "resoluteness and perseverance" and the work attitude of "professional focus", introduce intelligent analysis methods, and devote itself to providing component testing, structural analysis, physical property testing, industrial problem diagnosis, qualification certification, etc. all-round technical services of materials and related products. comprehensively excavate user-specific customized technical solutions, improve the ability of scientific research and engineering technical personnel to find and solve problems, and become a high-level talent training, experiment and incubation base. The platform is open and shared for the society, and actively serves the scientific research and economic construction of Tongxiang City and even the Yangtze River Delta region. In the future, the platform will have nearly 20 full-time staff, all of whom have a bachelor's degree or above, including no less than 10 with senior professional titles and no less than 5 with doctoral degrees.

Fields of Application:

● The platform aims at the frontiers of materials-related science and closely follows the economic development needs of Tongxiang City.

● Focusing on the development direction of multi-center and multi-team.

● Gradually form characteristic and widely influential test directions such as material micro-nano structure characterization, material multi-functional physical property testing, computational material science and engineering simulation, material processing technology design and engineering solutions, and material service behavior under extreme conditions.

● Steadily promote technical testing reports and authoritative certification qualifications for materials, devices, equipment, etc.