Research Center

Research Center

Research Center for Metamaterials

The team is the first to propose the idea of merging of metamaterials and conventional materials in the world. Based on this core idea and focusing on several new metamaterial systems, the team leverages the advantages of metamaterials to provide disruptive technologies for many application fields.

The main priority of the team is to carry out original scientific researches and industrial developments with engineering prospects around metamaterial design, metamaterial processing and fabrications, metamaterial devices and applications, etc. By building an influential metamaterial R&D team at home and abroad, we endeavor to transform research superiorities into technological and industrial advantages, and promote the developments of metamaterials.

Fields of Application:

● New material industry, artificial intelligence, high-speed wireless communications.

● New energy, optical information technology, precise imaging.

● High-end precision equipment, intelligent manufacturing.

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Public Test Platform

Public Test Platform

Analysis & Service Platform for New Materials

Analysis & Service Platform for New Materials mainly focuses on the layout of key disciplines ofWuzhen Laboratory, related to the industrial development direction of Tongxiang City, coordination of th...
  • 高分辨场发射透射电子显微镜
  • 场发射扫描电子显微镜
  • 快速扫描原子力显微镜
  • X射线衍射仪
  • 桌面型X射线衍射仪
  • 同步热分析仪
  • 热机械分析仪
  • 500N微机控制电子万能试验机
  • 铁电分析仪
  • 阻抗分析仪
  • 矢量网络分析仪
  • 微波暗室测量系统
  • 高温介电温谱测试系统
  • 电滞回线及高电压介电击穿强度测试系统
  • 电子束蒸发镀膜机
  • 精密微纳加工光刻机
  • 喷雾造粒干燥机
  • 高效共振混合机
  • 数控雕铣床
  • 内圆切片机
  • 陶瓷激光切割打孔划线一体机
  • 数控平面磨床
  • 数控精密三爪内、外径研磨机
  • 陶瓷3D打印机