Research Center

Research Center

Research Center for Advanced Functional Ceramic Materials

Editor:乌镇实验室 │ Release Time:2021-12-06 

The team has been committed to the research of new lead-free piezoelectric ceramic materials and components. The (K,Na)NbO3(KNN)-based lead-free piezoelectric ceramicdeveloped by the team have the leading properties in similar research in the world, and some achievements have entered the stage of industrialization. Based on the existing scientific research results, the research center will further focus on the cutthroat problem of lead-free piezoelectric ceramic research and device design. The research center will dedicate to develop a series of environment-friendly intelligent piezoelectric materials and lead-free piezoelectric components with independent intellectual property rights, promoting the application of lead-free piezoelectric materials in aerospace, marine equipment, automotive electronics, medical health, smart home and other fields, thus breaking foreign technology monopoly ,filling the gap in the lead-free field of piezoelectric device in China, and forming a landmark achievement of piezoceramic industrialization to lead the whole country and even the world.

Fields of Application:

● Actuators, Sensors, Transducers, Ceramic Filters.

● Microphone Speakers, Tactile Feedback, Buzzers.

● Intelligent Parking Assistant, Ultrasonic Doppler, Wearable Smart Devices.