Research Center

Research Center

Research Center for New Functional Composite Materials

Editor:乌镇实验室 │ Release Time:2021-12-06 

The team mainly focuses on the field of new energy materials with important development prospects and major innovation opportunities. Focusing on the main line of "functionalization of functional composites", the team assists in the scientific research and industrial development of high-performance flexible composite dielectric films, high-performance 5G communication copper clad laminates, flexible ferroelectric or piezoelectric materials and devices. It is committed to solving important and major scientific and technological problems in the transformation of composite materials into new energy industry, and realizing the economic and social benefits of advantageous scientific research achievements.

Fields of Application:

● Smart Grid, New Energy Automobile, Medical Devices.

● Millimeter-Wave Radar, 5G Antenna, Automatic Driving, Flexible Circuit.

● Smart Wearable, Flexible Storage, Flexible Sensing, Flexible Driven.